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Topic 1. Access, equity and quality Topic 2. Curricular innovation Topic 3. Open up knowledge to society Topic 4. Higher Education role in addresing major global issues Topic 5. Transforming education for sustainability Topic 6. Social responsibility of higher education



GUNi Reports

The Talloires Network Leaders Conference (TLNC): “Live Engagement, Transform Lives” took place in Cape Town, South Africa from the 2 to 4 December 2014
The TNLC gathered leaders of universities from around the world to chart the next stage of the global movement of higher education, civic engagement and social responsibility. During this event the authors of the Sub-Saharan Africa presented the GUNi Report.
Rome Declaration on Responsible Research and Innovation
From 19 – 21 November last, in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the SIS-RRI – Sciences, Innovation and Society: Achieving Responsible Research and Innovation Conference was held in Rome. The main goal of this meeting was to debate the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).
Participants of a workshop in Makerere University discussed on the main ideas of the GUNi Report and concluded that African Universities need to regain Social Change status
The 5th GUNi Report was presented to rectors and vice-rectors of African Universities in a half-day workshop where participants proposed Community Based Research and Community University Engagement as the most viable strategies for African Universities to salvage their much coveted position as agents of social change in society.
Higher Education Agenda

International Events
African Higher Education Summit: Revitalizing Higher Education for Africa's Future
This is a three-day continental summit that seeks to build a movement of like-minded institutions to transform the African higher education sector. The summit will be highly interactive, allowing participants to exchange experiences and views.
Where: Dakar, Senegal,
When: Mar 10, 2015 to Mar 12, 2015)
Presentation of the Eurostudent V Results: The social dimension of Higher Education
The joint conference Jaume Bofill Foundation and EUROSTUDENT will not only be a platform for stimulating peer learning and exchange of experiences, but also provide an overview of available data on students in Europe and on the political and practical framework each country provides for enhancing the social dimension in higher education. The aim is to create an interactive learning environment for policy makers, stakeholders, researchers and the public.
Where: Barcelona,
When: Mar 11, 2015 to Mar 11, 2015)
UVIECON 2015: Global Universities and their Regional Impact
The University of Vienna Conference 2015 (UVIECON 2015) is part of the events on the occasion of the 650th Aniversary of the University of Vienna. focused on the theme of the Global Universities and their Regional Impact.
Where: Vienna, Austria,
When: Mar 13, 2015 to Mar 13, 2015)
Creative Innovation Conference: From Disruption to Sustainable Growth
The Conference is organized by the CiGlobal (Baldwin Consulting Group)
Where: Melbourne, Australia,
When: Mar 23, 2015 to Mar 25, 2015)
EUA Annual Conference: European Universities in Research and Innovation - People, Policies and Partnerships
The Conference is organized by the European Association of Universities (EAU)
Where: Antwerp, Belgium,
When: Apr 16, 2015 to Apr 17, 2015)
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GUNi Regional Corners
Francesc Xavier Grau, the new Non-Executive Director of GUNi, shares his views about the need for engaged universities, both at regional and global level. The vision of a university as an "inescapable social force for good" makes engagement with the immediate needs of our local societies and engagement with the global challenges of the world, of our global society, compatible. This is the real challenge of many universities around the world that may be able to take on the responsibility of being a glocal university.

Roberto Fernández, GUNi and ACUP President
In this interview Roberto Fernández talks about the new stage of the network after ACUP assumed its secretariat and presidency on May 2014.
An agreement between GUNi and the University of Guadalajara (UDEG), Mexico, was signed on July 18 to stablish the regional office of GUNi-LAC at this University with the aim of reinforcing the network in this region.
The Global University Network for Innovation was created by UNESCO, the United Nations University (UNU) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech (UPC) 15 years ago. In the last eight years the network has consolidated its activities, increased its international presence and become a well know reference in the analysis and dissemination of higher education (HE) emerging issues worldwide.
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is now home of a unique research center in Europe set up by leading institutions in the fields of sustainability, health, education and culture. Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site hosts seven cutting-edge offices of international organizations that aim to develop joint initiatives geared to finding meaningful responses to the challenges of the 21st Century.
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About our activity
Enric Fossas, new GUNi President after being elected President of ACUP
The rector of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC), Enric Fossas was elected President of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) and is, therefore, the new GUNi President for 2015.
Agreement signed with the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education
GUNi and the UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education (UCCBR-SR), hosted by the University of Victoria, Canada, have agreed to establish a strategic partnership to foster future common activities and projects.
One hundred participants discussed the role of Higher Education in the Post-2015 Agenda
On 11 December, GUNi organized the seminar “The world beyond 2015: is higher education ready? The role of higher education institutions for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda” at the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau. The seminar, related to the campaign “The world beyond 2015: is higher education ready?” was promoted by the Association of Commonwealth Universities with the collaboration and support of the City of Barcelona as well as the International Association of Universities.
GUNi Report global impact: 38 events in 25 countries
During 2014, 38 events were held in 25 countries to launch the GUNi Report. Among them, the regional presentation in the Arab States, held in Jordan, the regional presentation in Asia and the Pacific, held in South Korea, and presentations in India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ghana, Australia, Mexico Argentina, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Canada and Uganda should be highlighted.
The GUNi Report launched at the ASPBAE Festival of Learning
The ASPBAE Festival of Learning, was organized from 18-21 November 2014 at Yogyakarta, Indonesia to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE).
Presentation of the 5th GUNi Report in Barcelona
The presentation of the report Higher Education in the World 5 Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education contributing to social change took place on October 14 in Barcelona. The event, held in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, where GUNi’s headquarters are located, gathered around 150 participants among university presidents and vice-presidents, politicians, academics, professionals of higher education, policy-makers and representatives of civil society.

Institutional Members News
The UNESCO Chair in CBR-SR lauches a survey on "Building the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers".
The UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education invites the international higher education community to take part of an online survey on "Building the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers".
The National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) welcomes proposals for sessions at the 1st International Conference on Empowering Entrepreneurship (ICEE 2015).
This event will focus on the role of academic institutions in creating a social entrepreneurship environment. March 31 is the dateline for paper submission It will take place on June 8-9, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. Submissions are due on March 31st.
The Social Observatory of West Region La Matanza National University, Argentina, trains local leaders for economic and social development
The Program for Training Local Development Agents (FADEL) created by the Social Observatory of West Region in La Matanza National University has the aim of training teachers, researchers, academics, students and local leaders in the management and implementation of public policies.
Course in Developing Community University Partnerships
The Community University Partnership Programme (Cupp) at the University of Brighton organizes a course in Developing Community University Partnerships from April 30 to September 15, 2015, adressed to those professionals that want to develop their skills in that field.
Jimma University, a pioneer in community-based education
Jimma University, in Ethiopia, maintains for five years its leading position in community based education.
Institutional members by country
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